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  1. Guzragore 3 years ago

    and it's well worth it. It's also less than what the invaders would cost us tax payers if they come on over lol anyone remember that old kids game of Red Rover Red Rover let name of a player come over and they had to try and bust through your side or am I going to far back

  2. Maujora
    Maujora 3 years ago

    Tons of evidence there is. No one's fault but yours if you refuse to see it.

  3. Masar
    Masar 3 years ago

    babe come see me in VA states pls

  4. Faebar 3 years ago

    what a coincidence I want this done to me some day, I just need help finding a mistress

  5. Vuk 3 years ago

    Ha! I had to look that up. It's pretty much the truth. Literally.

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