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  1. Bagore 2 years ago

    I didn't say that I had done no research, I said that there was nothing to research. No one has ever come back to describe what happens after death, and there is no possible way that actual research can be done. It is ALL conjecture.

  2. Muzuru
    Muzuru 2 years ago

    I needed cut and rock smash but those moves aren't effective enough to take up space on an actual battling Pokemon. and I went through the roads outside Solaceon without using Defog, because again I didn't want to ruin a good Pokemon with it.

  3. Mami 2 years ago

    Hey babe I love what I see on u looking beautiful call me 07951574835

  4. Brak
    Brak 2 years ago

    Hell yea, fckn Hot

  5. Brajar
    Brajar 2 years ago

    Quel pied on prend avec cette femme !

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