Hey girl shut your lips


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  1. Doulabar
    Doulabar 1 year ago

    Thats nasty.seems sweet tho.can i get one for fun around.in msa inbox watsapp 0706606963

  2. JoJosar 1 year ago

    mmmmmm Love that !

  3. Maukora 1 year ago

    Oh how I would love to be doing this right now

  4. Godal
    Godal 1 year ago

    I think more men would be able to compliment women if the compliments where given sincerely and not with the soul intention to just sleep with her or the hyper-focus on how a woman looks. When a man gives me a sincere compliment about something other than my looks, I'm always floored and more impressed. Of course, I would want a boyfriend or husband to compliment my looks. But not just any old random guy. Unfortunately, Women have experienced too many men giving compliments only on their looks for the soul purpose of just wanting to sleep with her. Which doesn't ring as a compliment and seems only self serving in his own interests anyway.

  5. Mugrel 1 year ago

    Wat up sexy wyd

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