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  1. Nikogal
    Nikogal 2 years ago

    Can also agree that when most people reference toxic masculinity, they aren't talking about manspreading?

  2. Meztihn 2 years ago

    For me, this is one of those situations where you have to hold two thoughts in your head at once. If you were cheated on in the past, decided to forgive, and you both worked on repairing your marriage, no, I don't think it's right to cheat years later and say you get a "freebie" because of what your spouse did years before. The slate was wiped clean and you've started over. If you couldn't forgive them, you should have left.

  3. JoJorr 2 years ago

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  4. Tazshura
    Tazshura 2 years ago

    I love how we are all failing no nut november

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