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Hello 2016!!!


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

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With an amazing 2015 in the books CCW is now focused on making 2016 the best year for CCW ever. We have added a few new members to the management team to help grow the business. Allow me to welcome aboard Todd Shaw and Bill Skullion. With their help we are looking to expand our fair tour and add in service club show fundraising charity shows. If your service club is looking for an excellent fundraising opportunity please email for more info. We can work with your group to provide a "No Risk" opportunity!


That no leads us to the fair tour, the annual fair convention is just around the corner. Once again CCW with be present and looking forward to catching up with old friends, making plans with them for 2016 and introducing our product to new boards. I am pleased to announce that the Mighty Minis will be present with us again this year at convention as well. I look forward to seeing everyone there and talking some 'rasslin'."




Video Spotlight

The Redneck Chili Peppers!


Photo Highlight


08.08.15 - Comber Fair

CCW wrestlers take a selfie with Ref Scooter Maxwell after being tossed into the Comber Fair Mud Wrestling pit.

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